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FAQsFleet insurance FAQs

What is a fleet insurance policy?

A fleet insurance policy is often made up of various sections of cover, specifically designed for the needs of a business which uses a number of trucks, vans and cars. Fleet insurance policies are generally categorised depending on the amount of trucks or HGVs that need to be added to the motor section of the policy. The fleet insurance policies offered by Fleet & Commercial are for companies or individuals who have two or more vehicles.

What vehicles can I insure under my fleet policy?

Any vehicle which is owned by & registered to the company including directors owned vehicles.

This will also include hired-in vehicles and loan/courtesy car vehicles. Vehicles leased under a lease agreement to the company or one of its directors can also be added.

What is included with the fleet insurance policies offered by Fleet & Commercial?

The fleet insurance policies available from Fleet & Commercial can include various additional covers depending on which insurer quotes for your fleet.

A wide selection of insurance covers are available, all designed to meet the needs of a commercial fleet operator. These include:

  • motor fleet insurance
  • commercial motor
  • goods in transit
  • employers and public liability insurance
  • engineering insurance
  • legal expenses
  • business interruption
  • directors and officers insurance

Who can drive?

Most fleet policies are usually arranged on an Any Authorised Driver basis which means that anyone can drive with the permission of the company/directors.

However there are discounts available if you wish to restrict driving either to Any driver aged over 21 or 25 and some insurers will offer Any driver aged over 30 or even a Named Driver basis policy.

We at Fleet & Commercial will offer you a fresh approach to reviewing your fleet requirements.

So what else makes you different from your competitors?

When it comes to insurance, everyone wants the same thing - the best possible cover at the best possible price.

We at Fleet & Commercial are committed to delivering a competitive tailored insurance product that not only is very competitive but exactly what you need.

How do you do it?

If you are currently fleet rated the calculation that sits behind a commercial motor fleet insurance premium is based almost entirely on the claims history of the fleet.

The average cost of historic claims per vehicle is calculated and then used to predict the insurer's outlay in the coming policy year. The cost of claims is therefore the most significant factor in calculating your new premium.

Which is the best declaration basis?

A declaration fleet policy has been developed for businesses that have a vehicle fleet which has regular changes to the schedule of vehicles. Rather than having to inform us/your insurer every time a vehicle is changed (known as ‘As and When’), you can opt to complete a quarterly, half yearly or even annual declaration instead.

The policy will automatically include any vehicle which is purchased, acquired or deleted by the company in the intervening period without having to notify us.

A declaration of any changes is then completed for the agreed period and the premium is adjusted accordingly.

The type of declaration that you choose will normally depend on the size of your vehicle fleet.

We will notify you on the correct type of adjustment basis each insurer is offering at the time of quoting for your fleet.

What about the MID?

The Motor Insurance Database (MID) is a government database which stores the details of every insured vehicle in the UK.

It exists to reduce the number of uninsured vehicles on the road as well as assisting with claims that occur in the EU.

The police use the MID to identify uninsured vehicles, using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras which are fitted to most police cars, and are used on the road network.

They can check which company a vehicle is insured with and who is named to drive on the policy.

It is a legal requirement to keep the MID up-to-date with any additions or deletions to your vehicle fleet.

We will always keep the MID upto date for you to save you the time and the concerns of having to update the MID, we do this as standard for all of our clients, most brokers will charge for this as an extra but with Fleet & Commercial its included.

Plant and Special Types?

One benefit of a motor fleet policy is that different types of vehicles can all be placed on the same policy.

Construction and agricultural plant such as tractors, JCB’s and excavators, and special types of vehicles – fork lift trucks, trailers, horseboxes and even road sweepers can all be accommodated.

Policies can also be extended to include the Tool of Trade risk (sometimes known as Third Party Working Risk).

It is important to consider where your Plant will be used as the current definition of a “Road” is very wide and will include most places where the public have access including car parks, etc.


Drivers who have serious convictions on their driving licence MUST be referred to insurers before allowing them to drive.

These would include any conviction code that begins with the following letters: AC, BA, DD, DR, IN, MS, NE, TT, UT & XX.

We recommend that all fleet operators carry out regular licence audits and take photocopies of all drivers’ licences at least once a year.

We advise that you always refer any driver with 6 or more points or any disqualifications and we can refer the driver to your insurer


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